Mission: To help others succeed in life by healing at the soul level.

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Many people are searching for love and healing in their lives on many levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, relationally, and spiritually.

From a young age, I have had the ability to help others, feeling an empathic connection that transcends the constraints of space and time.

My abilities began shortly after a Near-Death-Experience (NDE) that occurred when I was four years old. A near-drowing led to the experience of being out of my body, floating in the light of overwheming and indescribable love, and feeling connected to the other side of life. This open door to the other side and the love that pulsates there has stayed with me from the time I was revived.

My own NDE connected me to the higher ideals of compassionate love and created a desire to help others heal.

I believe the healing love from other dimensions is accessible to us all.

While I have used this awareness to help others experience love and healing from these realms through various energy models (Reiki is a primary one) my work today is through teaching, writing, speaking, and sharing what I’ve learned to help you and those you love, learn how to access that healing love and harness it for good.

Scarlett is truly a remarkable woman with outstanding gifts and skills. We worked together when I felt stalled and stagnant around a writing project. Her deep insight, intuition, and wisdom – extending into the realm beyond our earthly plane – provided a significant shift in my perspective and allowed me to rejuvenate my creativity. I am grateful and more than happy to recommend her professional healing and consultation practice.  
Clare Myatt, LL.B., M.A., B.A.C.P., A.C., United Kingdom
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