Scarlett is truly a remarkable woman with outstanding gifts and skills. We worked together when I felt stalled and stagnant around a writing project. Her deep insight, intuition, and wisdom – extending into the realm beyond our earthly plane – provided a significant shift in my perspective and allowed me to rejuvenate my creativity. I am grateful and more than happy to recommend her professional healing and consultation practice.


Clare Myatt, LL.B., M.A., B.A.C.P., A.C., United Kingdom

Scarlett was born with many gifts in this lifetime. She’s super smart and also super intuitive, warm, caring, and tapped into the deep mysteries of healing. She knows what’s needed when, where, and how and shares her insights with loving kindness.


F. G., Richmond, VA

Scarlett has been providing me with wellness coaching for more than ten years. Her observations about health issues are always enlightening and I have found her specific recommendations and guidance to be key in my building good health, both physically and emotionally. Her work reflects, not only her years of scientific study but also an innate spiritual knowing. Scarlett is truly gifted and her work can be life-changing.

Sharon M., Midlothian, VA

Scarlett is a healer and an angel. Her loving spirit, intuitive words, and healing hands are all gifts from God that she uses to help those she encounters to remove stress and access life-changing energy and light. Her intuitive coaching and Reiki helped me attract the love and life I so desired. I am so thankful for Scarlett.


C.V.K., Atlanta, GA

Scarlett, whom I affectionately call my Angel,͟ entered my life at a time I was experiencing many struggles in my professional life. I knew I wasn’t a quitter, but some days the challenges I faced tried to break me down physically, mentally, and spiritually. I encountered something I had never experienced before in a workplace and had no idea how to tackle it. In walked a beautiful soul to bring humanity and empathy to an environment of low morale, low self-esteem, and some days, pure chaos. As my mentor, Scarlett was open and honest with sharing her personal and professional experiences because she wanted me to understand that she too had been in the position I was currently in; and she could relate on many levels. She showed so much compassion and empathy to not just me, but an entire team who was in dire need of an uplifting spirit. She helped me get to a better place in the midst of a storm. Scarlett gives of herself wholeheartedly and because of that, she will always be my trusted mentor and Angel.


Dionne H., Seattle, WA

I met Scarlett as a student in one of her master’s level courses about 6 years ago. Since then, she has become a mentor and friend, helping me navigate the challenges of becoming a woman and finding myself (and my voice) while juggling the responsibilities of marriage, motherhood, furthering my education and full-time employment.

Her guidance, patience, willingness to listen and consistently solid advice have been a godsend. A few years ago she shared this very story with me and I cannot wait to read it in greater detail. Scarlett is a true gem – I am beyond grateful for her continued presence in my life and am excited that others now get the opportunity to hear her story and experience her influence!


N.V., Florida
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