Dionne H., Seattle, WA

Scarlett, whom I affectionately call my Angel,͟ entered my life at a time I was experiencing many struggles in my professional life. I knew I wasn’t a quitter, but some days the challenges I faced tried to break me down physically, mentally, and spiritually. I encountered something I had never experienced before in a workplace and had no idea how to tackle it. In walked a beautiful soul to bring humanity and empathy to an environment of low morale, low self-esteem, and some days, pure chaos. As my mentor, Scarlett was open and honest with sharing her personal and professional experiences because she wanted me to understand that she too had been in the position I was currently in; and she could relate on many levels. She showed so much compassion and empathy to not just me, but an entire team who was in dire need of an uplifting spirit. She helped me get to a better place in the midst of a storm. Scarlett gives of herself wholeheartedly and because of that, she will always be my trusted mentor and Angel.


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