How is Reiki Energy Work done? What is a session like?

All sessions begin with a conversation. It is very important to have a shared understanding of what the Energy Work will be focused on that day. Together we will come up with an intention for the work. The first session is generally spent on energy balancing and developing a better understanding of the person’s energy system. The types of Energy Work I offer are primarily done with the client lying down on a massage table on their back. The client always stays fully clothed. Most Energy Work is done in silence but sometimes I ask questions for feedback or I share my impressions. The client may speak up any time if she/he has a question or comment. Afterwards we talk again about the energy work session and I share any insights that came up that might support their process.

What does Reiki Energy Work feel like?

Everyone has a different experience. And experiences are even different from one session to the next. There is no expectation around feeling anything in particular, although I do encourage clients to sense in and see if they can pick up on any body sensations that might help them become more aware of their own energy or its flow. Also some people feel it right away, others not until the very end or even later.

What are some of the benefits of Reiki Energy Work?

The most common experience of individuals receiving Energy Work is a profound sense of relaxation and inner peace. For persons with physical illness Energy Work supports and can enhance the body’s own healing power. This process can complement the work of Western medicine. Energy work is wonderful for those who feel stuck. It oftentimes gives the client the energy and clarity to move past any outer or inner obstacles. Energy Work also has the potential to help individuals release fears and anxieties so they feel more centered, balanced, and clear thinking. Energy Work is often a helpful addition to psychotherapy. Clients often find they are able to move through issues more quickly. Generally people report that they feel a stronger and more positive relationship with their body and have a greater understanding of the connection between body, mind and spirit.

I’d like to come try it out, but I don’t have anything in particular wrong with me. Can I still schedule a session?

Yes, absolutely. Some people come simply for their own personal growth or to try a new healing modality where they can learn something new about themselves and their energy.