When I talk to people interested in energy healing, I get lots of questions. What is it? How does it work? I’m the first to admit, this powerful path to healing isn’t easy to define. It’s a hands-on healing, but not massage. It can bring emotional healing, but it’s not psychotherapy. It can relieve illness and pain, but it’s not medicine. My work involves a unique integration of intuitive mentoring and energy healing that can improve vitality, bring clarity, and open hearts to growth and healing.


For thousands of years, the healing systems of Eastern cultures have recognized and worked with the flow of a vital life energy (or energy field) in and around each person. It is believed that physical, emotional and psychological illness is the result of an improper balance or an interruption of this vital energy flow. If this delicate natural balance is restored, the person once again becomes a unified center of well-being, health, harmony, and wholeness. Energy Work is a hands-on healing arts practice based on this ancient Eastern understanding of the human energy system. This practice deals with the aura (the electromagnetic field around the human body) which is generated by the spinning of smaller vortices of energy called chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit (Ancient Indian) word meaning “wheel of light.” In Energy Work the intention is to restore the body to its natural balance which includes a sense of vitality, appropriate feelings, clear thinking and reasoning, willingness to embrace change, responsible and creative self-expression, intuitive understanding, and a vital spiritual life.

Energy Work is for:

• healing
• clarity
• improved vitality
• peace and relaxation in the body
• releasing fears, anxiety or depression
• becoming more centered and balanced
• preparing for surgery or recovering from surgery