Category testimonial: Spirituality

F. G., Richmond, VA

Scarlett was born with many gifts in this lifetime. She’s super smart and also super intuitive, warm, caring, and tapped into the deep mysteries of healing. She knows what’s...

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Sharon M., Midlothian, VA

Scarlett has been providing me with wellness coaching for more than ten years. Her observations about health issues are always enlightening and I have found her specific recommendations and...

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C.V.K., Atlanta, GA

Scarlett is a healer and an angel. Her loving spirit, intuitive words, and healing hands are all gifts from God that she uses to help those she encounters to...

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Dionne H., Seattle, WA

Scarlett, whom I affectionately call my Angel,͟ entered my life at a time I was experiencing many struggles in my professional life. I knew I wasn’t a quitter, but...

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N.V., Florida

I met Scarlett as a student in one of her master’s level courses about 6 years ago. Since then, she has become a mentor and friend, helping me navigate...

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